2019 Full Season CSA

Yeee haaaa here we go again!  Hopefully all of our supporters, old and new, have navigated the passage into this new year and are thinking of spring! Kind of crazy we have seen more rain than snow this “winter”!

It seems impossible, but 2019 marks the 24th year since Charuth and I moved back to Lincoln with spunk and vinager and started  Shadowbrook Farm. There have been lots of changes along the way, and 2019 brings the promise of more. After all, the only constant in life is change, so change we will! Along the way, we have grown vegetables and flowers, herbs and and oats, cover cops and pigs, beef and turkeys, laying hens and goats, .., and children now young adults!  Our 24 year old artist son Graydon was but 10 months old when we showed up at our first farmers market in Lincoln, the wayward son Kevin back in the hinterland returning from California with his catch Charuth, the cute Dutch girl. Our second son Tristan, now 22, out of the house, and though he worked for us quite a bit on the farm, is now gainfully employed as an auto mechanic. He saw greener pastures in the grease  beyond those organic fields. Our youngest son Tucker, now 17, is developing a voracious interest in renewable energy, politics,future planning, Teslas, and social life. Kevin’s parents Lyle and Diane, from the beginning an integral part of the farm, in front of and behind the scenes, are doing well, refusing to acknowledge that some people do eventually retire. But enough of the waxing….On to the dirt….

Shadowbrook Farm will again be offering a market style CSA (see the link below for sign up information) and continue to be a presence in the same farmers market stalls that we have been in for years.  That said, our roles in the farm will take a subtle but important shift. We have been, and still are quite passionate about the kind of farming we do. Our commitment to regenerative agriculture on its many levels remains strong, and is leading us to explore this in away we have not yet explored. We have invested quite a bit of thought over the past several years on what we should do when it comes time to, metaphorically, put the work horses out to pasture. Farms historically come to periods when transition occurs, and in our case, we have not succeeded in romancing the next-generation into taking over the farming. Though somewhat saddened by this, we understand, and are quite happy with our children’s choices to follow their own passions. We don’t stop there however,  but rather have looked to find someone who can perpetuate and build upon our work of producing healthy food for local families, doing the best we know to take care of the resources that support us.

We look forward to introducing you to Ian Richmond. Ian has been quite motivated in pursuing his passion for sustainable food production and local marketing for over a decade now. Some of you may have met Ian through his stand at the Sunday Farmers Market at College View (formerly Old Cheney Road Farmers Market). Last year Ian worked for Shadowbrook, and Common Good Farm, in addition to maintaining his own independent farm he named Small Starts. We have been talking with Ian over the course of the 2018 season about his interest in consolidating his efforts, and taking on a leadership role in Shadowbrook Farm with this being an exploratory opportunity for all of us to ease into transition.

We greatly appreciate the support our CSA members and customers at the farmers markets have given us over the years, and hope for your continued support in 2019. Kevin will be working very closely with Ian on vegetable prediction throughout the year, and we honestly anticipate our offering to be at least as good and probably better than these past years. Ian brings new enthusiasm and a wealth of hard earned knowledge, that coupled with ours makes for quite a package. What a great new opportunity for positive growth to happen!

Charuth will continue to do her amazing work with cheese and continue strengthening the name and brand Dutchgirl Creamery. We are quite engaged in the next steps, and will keep you informed as events unfold.  Baby goats are just 10 days away, and there are more pregnant mamas than ever! Almost 200, and herd health looks great!

Best warm regards from theLoth family at Shadowbrook Farm

Kevin, Charuth, Diane and Lyle

When you invest in the ShadowBrook CSA, you are issued a plastic card with your member number on it. Your initial investment is entered into our computer system and each time you make a purchase, your account is updated on the spot so that your current credit balance is always available. We also have in place a system to give you the opportunity to check on your account in the comfort of your home.

At this time we anticipate participating in the
 *Sunday College View Market in Lincoln
*Hay Market Farmers’ Market in Lincoln
*Old Market Farmers’ Market in Omaha
*Aksarben Village Farmers’ Market in Omaka and at

As cash flow in the spring is always poor, we will offer an early investment incentive. It is a tremendous benefit to the farm and ultimately to you to have that ‘seed money’ at the beginning of the season. We will offer several levels for investment from $100 to $1000 *(See chart below). All who participate will benefit, but the earlier and greater investment will receive a larger discount.

$100.00 $97.00 $99.00
$250.00 $238.00 $242.00
$375.00 $353.00 $360.00
$500.00 $465.00 $475.00
$625.00 $575.00 $588.00
$750.00 $675.00 $700.00
$875.00 $780.00 $805.00
$1,000.00 $880.00 $900.00

 Gift Cards available beginning at $25.00 and in increments of $25.00.

How do you know how much to invest in the season CSA? We believe that a family of 4 will consume an average of $20 per week. For example there are about 30 weeks in our season, so 30 X $20 = $600. A vegetarian family or a family who rarely eats out will probably spend more. Remember to consider cheese and meat too.

**SUPPORT our farm AND save money
**PROVIDE start-up capital for season 2017
**CREATE flexibility with multiple pick-up sites
**CONNECT with the farm
**Enjoy fresh, healthy food

If you have questions, please email: shadowbrook@neb.rr.com. You will promptly receive an answer.

Click here to register: 2019 Full Season CSA Registration Form

In April, we will email more more information about the farmers’ markets.