2020 Full Season CSA

Yeee haaaa here we go again!  Hopefully all of our supporters, old and new, have navigated the passage into this new year and are thinking of spring! Kind of crazy we have seen more rain than snow this “winter”!

 It seems like only yesterday that we did the final Holiday Market of 2-19. And now as the days are noticeably lengthening, we come into what feels like a true winter with the low temperatures hovering around 0 and the highs maybe reaching 20.  This is a time for reflection from the past year and a time filled with planning and anticipation for the coming growing season.
I am pleased to say with the mild winter I have gotten a great deal of field preparation done on the farm. Around three acres have been spread with composted manure from the goat dairy. Now we wait for the warmer temperatures of Spring to begin the planting. Charuth,  Kevin, and I have been moving forward to make the 2020 season a bountiful one.
The greenhouse work will begin soon.  Plants and seed for the Spring crops will be in the ground before we know it.  I am glad to have the chance to move forward in the ongoing endeavor of bringing fresh produce to you.  In addition to produce, ShadowBrook will again offer cheese (the barn is overflowing with very cute baby goats) and pork to fill your needs for the season.  CSA registration is now open. We hope to share the bounty of the land, work, and community with you and look forward to seeing you this coming Spring.


Thank you,
Ian Richmond and the Loth family of ShadowBrook Farm

When you invest in the ShadowBrook CSA, you are issued a plastic card with your member number on it. Your initial investment is entered into our computer system and each time you make a purchase, your account is updated on the spot so that your current credit balance is always available. We also have in place a system to give you the opportunity to check on your account in the comfort of your home.

At this time we anticipate participating in the
 *Sunday College View Market in Lincoln
*Hay Market Farmers’ Market in Lincoln
*Old Market Farmers’ Market in Omaha
*Aksarben Village Farmers’ Market in Omaka  in Omaha

As cash flow in the spring is always poor, we will offer an early investment incentive. It is a tremendous benefit to the farm and ultimately to you to have that ‘seed money’ at the beginning of the season. We will offer several levels for investment from $100 to $1000 *(See chart below). All who participate will benefit, but the earlier and greater investment will receive a larger discount.

$100.00 $97.00
$250.00 $238.00
$375.00 $353.00
$500.00 $465.00
$625.00 $575.00
$750.00 $675.00
$875.00 $780.00
$1,000.00 $880.00

 How do you know how much to invest in the season CSA? We believe that a family of 4 will consume an average of $20 per week. For example there are about 30 weeks in our season, so 30 X $20 = $600. A vegetarian family or a family who rarely eats out will probably spend more. Remember to consider cheese and meat too.

**SUPPORT our farm AND save money
**PROVIDE start-up capital for season 2020
**CREATE flexibility with multiple pick-up sites
**CONNECT with the farm
**Enjoy fresh, healthy food

If you have questions, please email: shadowbrook@neb.rr.com. You will promptly receive an answer.

Click here to register: 2020 Full Season CSA Registration Form

In April, we will email more more information about the farmers’ markets.