2020 Full Season CSA


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***In light of Covid-19***

We are with you in the challenges we face with COVID-19, and we’ve got your back.  At ShadowBrook Farm and Dutch Girl Creamery, we have always taken food safety seriously.  Over 20 years ago at farmers’ markets, we were first to implement a policy of bagging produce using disposable gloves frequently replaced on one hand while handling money with the other.  Harvest and transport containers have been sanitized weekly as a part of our long-standing protocol, and we are fortifying that protocol by staying current with best practices in food safety and educating all of our employees in handling methods that ensure the safest access to food for our patrons possible in light of Covid-19 and beyond. Furthermore, we are offering a pre-ordering system that can be accompanied by curb-side pickup of your selections at Talent+ (Employees Only), at the farm, and possibly at other locations to be determined as long as COVID-19 threats are elevated. Working together we will work through this and take meaningful steps toward our own food security. After all, what we are offering is an essential service. We must eat safely, and supporting your local food economy is part of a far-reaching solution! We hope to be a part of that!

A Friendly Springtime Note from Farmer Ian
I am pleased to say with the mild winter I have gotten a great deal of field preparation done on the farm. Around three acres have been spread with composted manure from the goat dairy. Now we wait for the warmer temperatures of Spring to begin the planting. Charuth,  Kevin, and I have been moving forward to make the 2020 season a bountiful one.
The greenhouse work will begin soon.  Plants and seed for the Spring crops will be in the ground before we know it.  I am glad to have the chance to move forward in the ongoing endeavor of bringing fresh produce to you.  In addition to produce, ShadowBrook will again offer cheese (the barn is overflowing with very cute baby goats) and pork to fill your needs for the season.  CSA registration is now open. We hope to share the bounty of the land, work, and community with you and look forward to seeing you this coming Spring.
Thank you,
Ian Richmond and the Loth family of ShadowBrook Farm

What is the Farm-Share?

Think of a farm-share as your personal commitment to locking in a steady supply of fresh locally produced food for you and your family for the season. We at ShadowBrook, in turn, commit to producing a steady supply of farm-fresh vegetables, cheese, pork, eggs, and other farm products for you. We give you several investment levels to choose from, and ‘build in’ a lot of choices to decide how you redeem your investment. By making your investment upfront, you help us put in motion all the elements required for a productive and bountiful growing season. We believe this to be a low-risk Win-Win for ALL.  If this seems like it might be a fit for you, keep reading and we’ll explain more. 

Who is ShadowBrook?

For those of you who do not know us, my name is Kevin Loth, and along with my wife Charuth Van Beuzekom, my parents, and partner Ian Richmond, run a 34 acre diversified farming operation on the southwest edge of Lincoln city limits. Charuth heads up Dutch Girl Creamery making our award winning goat cheeses, and Ian manages the vegetable production.   We are committed to sustainable farming practices and are devoted to being good stewards of our land. We have been raising vegetables and selling at farmers’ markets, retail stores, and restaurants in Lincoln and Omaha since 1996. In 2006, we started milking goats and making cheese. To create better use of our resources, we also raise a few hogs and laying hens, supplementing their feed with whey (a byproduct from the cheese-making process). 

How Does It Work?

This year we are offering a Flex-style Farm-share. This is similar to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program a few years ago, but we believe it will allow you greater flexibility.    

Here are the steps

Step 1. Join online! 2020 Full Season CSA Registration Form. You can select from a variety of investment levels that fit you and your family’s needs.

Step 2. We will email you a list of available items each week.

Step 3. Customize your share! Select from this week’s list of vegetables, goat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, and milk), pork, and occasionally mushrooms and eggs. If you can’t pick up your share this week or will be out of town, you can place a temporary hold on your share. No penalty!

Step 4. Pick up your share at your preferred location!

You can choose to pick up your share right at work. You can also pick up at any of the farmers’ markets we attend, or even at the farm. Out at the farm, you can come with the family and see the goats and vegetable fields when you come to pick up your food for the week!   

What makes the Flex-style Farm-share different?

Flexible shares

You’ll get farmer and cheese-maker’s recommendations for the week along with a complete list of other items YOU decide to order! This allows you to select the items you and your family love, including veggies, goat dairy products, and pork. 

Flexible delivery sites

You’ll enjoy the convenience of on-site delivery at your work–can’t get much easier than that! If you like attending the farmers’ markets to support other local vendors, you can pick up your share at two Lincoln and two Omaha markets. You can decide what works best for you, week to week.

Flexible investment levels

Are you a seasoned farm share pro? Just trying out a farm share for the first time? We offer a variety of investment levels to fit any lifestyle. You’ll have an account through Square that keeps track of your balance and allows you to see your history (no fee to you). 

    • Pay $250 (average $10/week) Great for a first-time member or 1-2 people who cook some at home.
    • Pay $480, receive $500 value! (average $20/week) Nice for a small family (2-3 people), especially if you’d like to add some dairy or protein to your share
    • Pay $700, receive $750 value! (average $30/week) Now we’re talkin’! This will provide a family of 3-5 veggies for the week and some dairy or meat too.
    • Pay $900, receive $1000 value! (average $40/week) Let’s do this thing! Great for a larger family (5+ people) who does lots of cooking at home, or a smaller family who plans to add dairy and pork most weeks.

Where wil lthe pickup points be?

    • Shadowbrook Farm: 2201 West Denton Rd, Lincoln
    • Lincoln (Saturday Haymarket Farmers Market)
    • Lincoln (Sunday College View Farmers Market)
    • Omaha (Saturday Old Market Farmers Market)
    • Omaha (Sunday Askarben Village Farmers Market
    • Talent + (EMPLOYEES ONLY)

**SUPPORT our farm AND save money
**PROVIDE start-up capital for season 2020
**CREATE flexibility with multiple pick-up sites
**CONNECT with the farm
**Enjoy fresh, healthy food

Click here to register: 2020 Full Season CSA Registration Form

In April, we will email more more information about the farmers’ markets.

If you have questions, please email: shadowbrook@neb.rr.com. You will promptly receive an answer.